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        Huayi Brothers Arist Agency,founded in 2003.The signing amount ranks the first among national artist agencies, andA-list stars occupy half of our country.For initiate Huayi Fashion Corporation, it extends the business to the field of “Super Model Agency?based on previous artistic agency, struggling to establish first-class fashion brand of China.
        To conform to constantly changing information and media environment, and break the single operation mode of individual broker as well as nanny-style?service pattern in China, accordingly to establish the platform innovative mode of resource integration. With the concept of “Platform Integration and Innovation? Huayi BrothersArtist Agency not only provides service such as discover,cultivate, promote, and publicize as well as broking agency for artists, but also struggles for creating an overall, professional and systematic service platform for stars.Integrating professional personnel from all walks of life, including broker, planner, propagandist, public relation supervisor, script producer, director and lawyer, it has become the development bridge between entertainment industry and traditional industries.

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